Silver Hill Escape

A Tiny Home Retreat


Silver Hill Escape will have 2 phases. Silver Hill is in Lyerly, GA. which is 8 miles from Summerville, GA, and 15 miles from downtown Rome and close to Simms Mountain and the Pinhoti Trail.

Phase 1 has 10 purchasable lots available to develop for a tiny home. All purchasable lots within Phase 1 are 3/4 of an acre for $20,000 each. We estimate it to cost $10-15,000 to develop each lot for a tiny home.

On the other hand, phase 2 will be ready this summer with +/- 30 3/4 of an acre lease lots ranging between $400 and $550 a month. There will be a common patio area with views of the Mountain. Phase 2 will have a site prep fee of $4,000 for a one bedroom home or $4,800 for a two bedroom home. The site prep fee will put in all utilities, driveway, landscaping, patio, and have your home move in ready.

**Purchasable lots (Phase 1) do not have access to phase 2**


All 10 lots are now available for immediate purchase for $20,000 each.

Will cost $10-$15,000 to develop each lot for a tiny home. No HOA fees.