Silver Hill Escape

A Tiny Home Retreat

NEW DEVELOPMENT… Ready by Mid-September 2020

1333 Henderson Circle, Lyerly, GA 30730

Silver Hill Escape will have 2 phases. Silver Hill is in Lyerly, GA. which is 8 miles from Summerville, GA, and 15 miles from downtown Rome and close to Simms Mountain, Chattooga River, James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park, and the Pinhoti Trail.

Phase 1 has 10 purchasable lots available to develop for a tiny home. All purchasable lots within Phase 1 are 3/4 of an acre for $20,000 each. We estimate it to cost $10-20,000 to develop each lot for a tiny home. Phase 1 can have access to Phase 2’s amenities for a $150 a month/ x 12 annual membership fee.

On the other hand, phase 2 will be ready by Mid-September (weather permitting) with 31 lease lots approximately 3/4 of an acre in size and sufficiently large to receive one Park Model RV and a porch and/or deck totaling between 120 and 800 square feet. ALL lots are $495/month or $5,445/year. There will be 2 common areas, one having a pool, dog park, open pavilion, and patio/firepit areas. Another common area with sitting areas with mountain views and hiking trail. Phase 2 will have a site prep fee of $4,000 for a one bedroom home or $4,800 for a two bedroom home. The site prep fee will put in all utilities, driveway, landscaping, patio, and have your home move in ready. If you are interested in a rental investment at Silver Hill Escape, only 10% of the total homes currently within the community can rent their home out (For Example, if there are currently 10 homes within SHE, Phase 2, the first person on the rental waiting list can rent their home out. One only at this occupancy).

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Common Area Coming Soon to Silver Hill Escape, Phase 2


Silver Hill Escape, Phase 1 Purchasable Lots

All 10 lots are now available for immediate purchase for $20,000 each. The first 3 buyers will receive a discount on the land.

Will cost $10-$20,000 to develop each lot for a tiny home. Phase 1 homeowners can pay $150/month for an annual membership fee to use Phase 2’s amenities (pool, pavilion, dog park, trails, patios, and fire pits). If you rent your house out in Phase 1, your renters are NOT permitted to use Phase 2’s amenities even if you have paid for an annual membership.