The Bass

1 Bedroom | 399 sq. ft.


Available now!

$75,600 + TTT for on-site home. The first 8 pictures are the Bass at our dealership.

Tiny Living is all about living outside and creating moments. This is a perfect home for all front porch sitters.

Add an outdoor fireplace to enjoy more of the fall and winter.


**When you custom order a tiny home, prices vary based off of colors, options, and materials you choose. Starting price for the Bass is $75,500 + Sales Tax and Delivery. Leave a $3-10,000 window for any upgrades or changes that are not standard. Prices are subject to change with the increase of demand and lack of building supplies due to Covid-19.**

Decor options

Interior Color Options Exterior Color Options Material Options
Floor plan for The Bass


Move In Ready- The Serenity at LRE

1 King Loft | 200 sq. ft.

The Highland (Wheelchair Accessible)

2 Bedroom + 2 Bath | 396 sq. ft.


2 BR + 2 Bath | 396 sq. ft.

Oakley- Now on Lot 3 at MME

2 Bedrooms + Loft | 398 sq. ft.