1 Bedroom + Loft | 396 sq. ft.


Available now!

The Fern is available to tour and/or purchase for $76,050 + TTT and Delivery. Our on-site Fern includes a hinge-lift storage bed and exterior shower.

Make it modern, make it rustic. The Fern is a beautiful tiny home with vaulted ceilings, natural light, and 10 foot porch. The Fern can accommodate a king size bed!

To custom build, the Fern has a base price of $78,775 + TTT and Delivery. **Prices are subject to change with the increase of demand and lack of building supplies due to Covid-19.**


Decor options

Siding & Wall Colors Flooring, trim & countertop Roof color Ceiling colors Metal railing
Floor plan for UNDER CONTRACT…Fern


Move In Ready- The Serenity at LRE

1 King Loft | 200 sq. ft.

The Highland (Wheelchair Accessible)

2 Bedroom + 2 Bath | 396 sq. ft.


2 BR + 2 Bath | 396 sq. ft.

Oakley- Now on Lot 3 at MME

2 Bedrooms + Loft | 398 sq. ft.