2 Bedroom | 390 sq. ft.


The Hoot is a 2 bedroom log cabin great for a family or turn second bedroom into an office. The Hoot is ideal for a rental investment.

**To custom build a Hoot, the starting price is $65,900 + sales tax and delivery cost. Leave a $3-8,000 window for any upgrades or changes that are not standard. Prices are subject to change with the increase of demand and shortage of building supplies due to Covid-19.**

Decor options

Interior & exterior finishes
Floor plan for Hoot


Resale…The Serenity at LRE- $79,900

Loft Bedroom | 200 sq. ft.

The Pavati

2 Bedrooms + 1 Loft | 398 sq. ft.

The Acorn- $55,500

1 Bedroom | 300 sq. ft.

Bear (Wheelchair Accessible)

1 Bedroom | 396 sq. ft.