The Mag Pie Cottage

2 BR, 1.5 Bath, & Double Loft | 400 sq. ft.


Perfect for the growing family! The double loft has partial partition for growing teens who want some privacy. Extra single bedroom on main floor can be used for in-law or a child too young for the loft or office. And this is the only tiny model we’ve seen with a second bathroom!

**To custom build a Mag Pie, the starting price is $101,400 + Sales tax and delivery cost. Leave a $5-10,000 window for any upgrades or changes that are not standard. Prices are subject to change with the increase of demand and lack of building supplies due to Covid-19.**

Decor options

Siding & Wall Colors Flooring, trim & countertop Roof color Ceiling colors Metal railing
Floor plan for The Mag Pie Cottage


The Highland (Wheelchair Accessible)

2 Bedroom + 2 Bath | 396 sq. ft.


2 BR + 2 Bath | 396 sq. ft.


2 Bedrooms + Loft | 398 sq. ft.

The Magnolia

1 Bedroom + 2 Lofts | 398 sq. ft.