2 Bedroom | 396 sq. ft.


The Poppy Seed is a mix of modern and rustic in a one story tiny home. Multiple floor plans are available to create another space for second bedroom, art room, or office. Take out the second bedroom to add a walk-in closet and larger living room.

Pictures show different ways you can do the 2nd bedroom.

**To custom build a Poppyseed, the starting price is $53,000 + sales tax and delivery cost. Leave a $3-10,000 window for any upgrades or changes that are not standard.**

Decor options

Siding & Wall Colors Flooring, trim & countertop Roof color Ceiling colors Metal railing

Queen bed + 2 twins (Add bunks or 1 bed in 2 bedroom)

Floor plan for PoppySeed

1 Bedroom option with walk-in closet & more living room

Floor plan for PoppySeed


Bear (Wheelchair Accessible)

1 Bedroom | 396 sq. ft.


2 Bedroom | 390 sq. ft.

Holly- Perfect Rental Cabin

1 Bedroom | 336 sq. ft.

NEW for 2020…Cypress

1 King Bedroom + Bunks | 398 sq. ft.