Red Wood — Modular Home

2 BR | 550 sq. ft.


This two bedroom, two bathroom home doesn’t make you give up your king bed or office space. The kids can still have their own bedroom and bathroom.

Add a great wrap around porch for a ranch style home look.

Decor options

Interior & exterior finishes

Red Wood(wide) 14X46

Floor plan for Red Wood — Modular Home

Red Wood(skinny) 12x46

Floor plan for Red Wood — Modular Home


General Sherman – Modular

2 | 800 sq. ft.

Sycamore — Modular Home

2 bedroom | 644 sq. ft.

Cedar — Modular Home

1 Bedroom | 600 sq. ft.

The Sequoia — Modular Home

2 BR + 2 Bath | 720 sq. ft.