Trout- Now at SHE Community

1 Bedroom + Loft | 399 sq. ft.


Available now!

The Trout is $76,160 + TTT. The green exterior pictures is the Trout we have available to purchase at Silver Hill Escape, Phase 2 lease lot community. By Mid-September, we will have the Trout set-up on a lot within Silver Hill Escape as our Try Before You Buy house where you can rent for a few nights to experience, downsizing, and explore the surrounding areas. Your rental fees will go towards your purchase of one of our homes or lots at Silver Hill Escape.

The Trout is a spacious and open floor plan with great outdoor space already built on. The fireplace on the porch is great for getting the family out of the house or enjoying meals by the fire.

Trout can be built with or without a loft. See floor plans for alterations. Also, you can omit the porch and/or fireplace.

**The green exterior and grey interior pictures is the Trout we have on-site. To custom build a Trout with a loft and fireplace, the starting price is $76,200 + Sales Tax and Delivery Cost. Leave a $3-8,000 window for any upgrades or changes. Prices are subject to change with the increase of demand and lack of building supplies due to Covid-19.**

Decor options

Interior Color Options Exterior Color Options Material Options

No Loft

Floor plan for Trout- Now at SHE Community

With Loft

Floor plan for Trout- Now at SHE Community


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